Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ready to Rehearse

We all met Friday night at Wynlake Country Club in Montgomery for the rehearsal. It was a bit chilly but we all huddled together and kept warm. Laura Beth thought it would be funny to wear her smocked Alabama dress to the rehearsal (both Amy and Richard are Auburn grads and Amy was on the Auburn swim team). Everything went well and everyone was ready for the real deal the next day. After the rehearsal, we headed to the rehearsal dinner. Chuck (my youngest brother) found my camera. He and Laura Beth made typical pictures of when the two of them get together.
Isn't it a shame my children don't like their uncles!!! The dinner was held at Landmark church of Christ. It was right there by the country club and the lady who helped us get everything together goes to church there. It was nice to have family as well as the wedding party there. We made place cards for the immediate family using sweet gum balls. We tied the names onto the stems using ribbon from the colors of the wedding (see picture in the top left hand corner of the collage). Lyndsey, Amy's older sister, read a poem she had written to Amy and we celebrated birthdays at the close. Richard's and Chuck's birthdays are next week.
Photos by Bub, Me and Damon Welch


Brian and Staci said...

Looks like an absolutely great time! Love the namecards :) Looks like you are all ready!
YEP!!! How bout those Sooners??! IT WAS CRAZINESS!!! Soooo fun to be there! Didn't even feel like it was 37!!! Your hubby should've been a Sooner fan, at least for last night! Makes his Longhorns look better :) I know it must've been hard for all those Longhorn fans having to cheer for those Sooners :) It's all so great! LOVE IT! No matter how it turns out!

Julie said...

Love the pictures... and the funny faces :) So fun!

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