Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thanks, Texas!

Well, most people would think I would be VERY happy over Alabama being ranked number one in every poll this week, but only those who REALLY know me, know I am NOT!! This is not going to be one of my blessings or thankful things for today!!! I (like I have any control over it) like to lay low and sneak up on people. I just HATE being number one in any poll unless it is the last week or two of the season!!! I have loved the last few weeks in our house. Texas (DH's favorite team) was ranked number 1 and Bama number 2. DH was laughing and said that if it stayed that way we would take out a loan and go to Miami to see the game because who knew when it would happen again. Our teams have NEVER played each other when it concerned us and we like it that way. I can cheer for the real UT and he can (when he wants) cheer for Bama. I really wanted to blog about this earlier, but I was afraid I would jinx the whole thing. However, thanks to Texas all of my dreams have come crashing down and I live in a world where not only are we number one in the nation - we have to go to LSU this weekend!!!! I really do not like that!!! The number one team in the nation going to the current national champions home which also happens to be our coach's former team - his first visit back there. I am going to be sick over this one!!! The only thing that I see is in our favor - the game is in the afternoon. Don't get me wrong - I love Alabama. I have been a fan through the good, the bad and the very ugly!!! I am so proud of us and what we have done this year. I just want us to continue to do it without being the number one team in the nation. So, thank you, Texas, and may next Saturday not be a repeat for the number one team.

Things I am thankful for today:
1. A husband who lets me vent about my sports' idiosyncrasies
2. My friend, Kim, who shares my sports' idiosyncrasies - it is really scary how much we are alike!


Laura said...

Roll Tide!!! You should check out my blog post from yesterday. Ours are almost identical!

Smelling Coffee said...

How funny ~ and what a good way to look at life. :-) Blessings on you today... Jennifer

Michelle said...

Gotta love a sports-lovin' friend! Especially a girl. They are few and far between!

Cheryl Wray said...

I was one of the few Alabama fans cheering for Texas!!! I'm a native Texan and the Horns are my 2nd favorite team. wanted a Bama/Tex national championship game!!

Roll Tide!!!

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