Sunday, November 16, 2008

Homecoming 2008 - Seems Like Old Times

Saturday we woke up to very cold weather, but we braved it anyways to see our college kids take part in their Homecoming activities. The morning began with Pep It Up - a pep rally where each social club showed their school spirit. PKA's theme was "All Aboard with FHU." They did a great job with it - making a big train and dressing as train engineers. After the pep rally, all the students went and lined the walk for the lion walk - leading the basketball players to the sports center. Saturday afternoon was spent at the basketball games. Over the years, we have been blessed to have developed close relationships with many of the basketball players. Most of these have since graduated and moved on in the world. However, they all came back this weekend and it was so good to see them!! One of them is getting married in May, so we had an early wedding shower for her bringing Christmas ornaments, gift cards and things like that for her!! Also, at the games the Homecoming court was presented, so we were able to see our kids be presented again. We were just so proud, and then became even prouder as PKA won the Homecoming trophy. They won this by participating in various activities throughout the week. It was a very close competition so we were very proud of them!
After the basketball game, we prepared for PKA's 70th reunion. I have been making chili for almost 2 weeks to serve at this reunion. The students did a great job planning everything from the menu to the decorations. We had so many former club members come back to visit. DH and I had a good group of our class come back, so it was a very enjoyable evening. After the reunion, PKA held Hootenanny, a concert featuring alumni. The kids and I did not stay long for that since it had already been a long day, but what a day it was!!!

Blessings for Saturday, November 15:
1. Remembering before it was any later that I had forgotten to put the chili out to thaw the night before.
2. A husband who is a great help with the kids when you are trying to get 1000 different things ready for the day.
3. Warm clothes on a chili day
4. Ways to use your creative ability
5. Amazing kids who think my kids are amazing
6. Godly college role models
7. A warm house to warm us back up
8. 18 and 20 quart roasters that made warming the chili up easier!
9. Special friends who come back
10. Picking up after months and years like no time had passed
11. Special men who help shaped who we are today (Coach Kirk and Coach Smith)
12. People who will do anything in the world for you
13. Good clean fun
14. Hard workers
15. My heating pad!!!!


jubilee said...

Hi! Found you through SITs and had to drop by. Love your blog background, BTW.

Mmmm . . . chili.

Julie said...

wow, that sounds like a lot of fun and a lot of work!!!

Did you ever get my email, just want to make sure... I am confident you have had NOT had time with your busy schedule to respond, I just wanted to make sure you got it. I got a few returned this weekend saying they were undeliverable, but yours wasn't one of them, but want to make sure!!!

Kelly Deneen said...

Looks like a blast!

Just popping in from SITS. :)

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