Saturday, November 1, 2008

Falling into Christmas

Tonight was Fall Festival at Miss Priss's school. They sold hot dog plates and turkey and dressing plates, had many games for the kids to play, a silent auction, a live auction, and Santa's workshop for people. The theme was "Falling into Christmas" and I thought the people in charge did a great job!! The 2 big hits of the night were the quilt Miss Priss's class made (see the above picture) for the silent auction. Each child drew an animal on their square and wrote their name. I just took a picture of Miss Priss with it because I knew it would not come home with us! The other hit of the night was "Silly String the Teacher." Each teacher had an assigned time to sit in the silly string booth. Students bought tickets that insured them a bottle of silly string and a chance to shoot it at their teacher (see pictures at the top of the collage). Mrs. Kim was a great sport because she got smothered in silly string!! They were lined up to get her!! Miss Priss and Little Man also came home with 2 new pets - Goldie (Miss Priss's), who may not last very long (she looks kind of sickly) and Larry (Little Man's). He wants everyone to know that Larry is Chipper Jones' real name and that is why he named him Larry.

We did come home with the class Christmas tree that was auctioned off in the live auction. Mrs. Kim's class chose to do a Little House on the Prairie tree. They watched some of the Christmas episodes and decorated it like the tree on Christmas at Plum Creek. I appreciate the other parents "letting" me get the tree. I mean who else named their daughter after one of the characters and had a Little House birthday party? We did put the tree back in the classroom until the Christmas holidays so the whole class can enjoy it! What a night!!
On a completely other note, I wanted you to be aware of two different giveaways that are going on in the blog world. One is from Mrs. Teresa. She is going to give away some of her amazing creations from her etsy shop. She made a quilt for Miss Priss when she was born and we have used it so much!!! The other is from Kat, who is doing a WICKED giveaway this week (and you know how I love my WICKED!!!) and 9 more different ones to follow!! Go check them out!
I am going to also be highlighting my blessings/things I am thankful for during the month of November. I am really trying to focus on the blessings in our lives and I pray this will help. Today's blessing:
A wonderful school for my daughter to attend.


Laura said...

Becky, what a great post! I LOVE the idea the school had for the fall/christmas festivities! I was just thinking tonight how ready I am to start decorating for Christmas. I know I should be thankful first, but I just can't wait to start decorating.

Julie said...

that sounded like so much fun and I love the fact you got the tree!!! So cool!

Melissa Lester said...

What a great quilt, and how appropriate that you got the tree! I wonder whose room that will go in during the holidays? I'm guessing Half-Pint's!

I met Richard and Amy this morning. What a sweet couple! They came to the early service, which is the larger of the two worship services. I hope they got a good impression. They were not able to stay for class today, but I will try to get in touch with them after the wedding to invite them to join us again. We have some sweet young couples I think they would really enjoy getting to know. Let me know if you hear they are coming our way again!

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