Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer . . . .

 . . . is singing loud for all to hear!
- Buddy the Elf

The kids had their Christmas program at school the other day.  Each grade got up and sang different songs they had learned this year - including Christmas songs.  They did a great job and enjoyed singing! (For anyone who knows my kids, I am sure you are surprised at that!!!)
Carter singing with friends Noah and Katie
LB can't help but sing along with them!!!

LB was so excited to be on the TOP row!!!!
 . . . also just to be with friends who are dear!
Typical Carter
Much better . . .
with friend, Noah
LB was a tad bit embarrassed by me with my BIG camera!!!
with friend, Hillary
with friends, Madlyn, Shelby, Hillary, Laura Beth and Makinley
(they look so much older than third graders in this picture)

May your holiday season be filled with
LOTS of Christmas cheer
this year!

1 comment:

Coach Lewis said...

That's a great shirt Carter has on. All children should be blessed with a great shirt like that this Christmas.

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