Thursday, December 16, 2010

Who Are You Going To Call . . . . .

Santa and Mrs. Claus are a bit worried this Christmas Eve . . .
an asteroid is headed right for the 
Rudolph has a cold and can't guide the sleigh  . . .
and it's foggy outside.
How will Santa see?
So, who are they going to get to help them?
Who are they going to call for help?


There's Robo Guy
He's partially bionic with super science and math skills.

There's Laser Squint . . .
He can disintegrate tall mountains with just a look!

There's Hyper Speed . . .
She's the fastest reindeer in the galaxy!

There's Mighty Moose
(He's not a moose - it's just a cool name)
He's the strongest reindeer of them all!

Together they work together to save the North Pole 
The asteroid was destroyed!!!

Thank you, Incredible Reindeer!

Robo Guy will use his laser beam to guide Santa's sleigh
saving Christmas Eve as well!

Thank you, Incredible Reindeer!
Thank you, First Graders!
You were

thank you, Mrs. Claus and Santa!

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