Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Book Review: Amy Inspired

Thanks to my friends at Bethany House for another book to review!!  This time I branched WAY out of my normal reading to read Amy Inspired by  Bethany Pierce.  It is a book about a young woman named Amy who is wrestling with her faith in God, faith in others and faith in her work.  Amy struggles to live out her dream of writing a novel as she struggles with living her life now as an adjunct creative writing teacher at a college.  She sees others living out their dreams while her dreams just become stopped along the way.  She does not know how to handle the many things that come her way - including falling in love with her non-traditional prince charming.  I had a hard time beginning this book, but, once I got into it, it was an easier read.  It was also not your traditional Christian fiction book.  It was not as enriched with Christian principles as some but there was an underlying theme of God and ones faith in Him.  I would recommend this book to anyone as an enjoyable read.

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