Friday, December 31, 2010

Kissing Cousins . . . How about Just Cousins

If you asked my kids how many cousins they have, they would tell you 7, soon-to-be 9, and would argue with you until you were blue in the face because they FIRMLY believe that is true.   Among the 7 cousins, they count Claire and Margaret Ann (my sister-in-law's nieces) as their cousins.  Carter and LB were thrilled to hear that they were going to get to spend some time with their "cousins" when we went to Montgomery.  I think all four enjoyed their time together.
 These two were hilarious together.  Sweet Claire followed Carter around asking him all kinds of questions about princess.  One of my favorites:

Claire:  Carter, which princesses are your favorites?
Mine are Belle and Tiana.
Carter:  I don't like princesses.
Claire:  Who's in your favorite prince?
Do you like Prince Charming?
Carter: I like Prince Caspian.

Later they were racing outside and Claire kept falling to the ground while Carter kept running.  We asked Carter what the deal was and his reply, 
She wants to hold my hand. . . and I DON'T!

 Margaret Ann and LB kept things a bit calmer by reading together . . . 

until they went outside and found the wagon . . .

I am so thankful that the kids love their family and extended family! I count it an amazing blessing that they can be surrounded by so many who love them!

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McCrory Family said...

Thank you for this post!! I loved hearing those stories!

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