Saturday, December 4, 2010

Decking the Halls . . . .

The kids were so excited to put up all the trees in the house this year.  So much has been going on with me at this point, I have not "been in the Christmas spirit" as much as I usually am.  It was nice this year to have some help putting up all the trees!!!  
Damon and the kids working on putting the family tree together
Laura Beth's ornament for the year - Thanks, Gran and Grandad Willis!!!

Our family tree is quite full just with the "normal" ornaments, so a few years ago, we began the boys' sports tree.  It actually came about because I was not a huge fan of Larry Bird being right in the middle of our beautiful tree!! Can you blame me?  However, this tree is always a favorite of people who come to visit us.  The tree grew this year to a 7 foot tree!!!  Carter and LB put it together ALL BY THEMSELVES! Carter and Damon worked hard decorating it.  It was so neat to hear Carter asking questions about the different players he was putting up on the tree.
Carter and the sports tree
Carter with his ornament of the year - Ryan Howard!
Thanks again, Gran and Grandad!!
I hope to have more of our decorations up here for you to see. I am having camera troubles so bear with me!  As of now we have 4 trees up and decorated, and with the help of my little elves, I am getting more in the Christmas Spirit!!!

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