Monday, January 31, 2011

Book Review: Read and Share: Stories About Jesus

Again, as part of the BookSneeze program from Thomas Nelson, I received a complimentary copy of Read and Share: Stories about Jesus.  I love Bible storybooks and this is a great one for little ones.  The book is a board book form so it is great for little hands and mouths whose parents want to learn all they can about Jesus.  There are 13 stories in the book.  The stories ranged from the birth of Jesus to healings fo Jesus to parables He taught to His ascension. Each story is just one to two pages long.  The story is very simple, but has the Bible verses at the beginning for older children in the family.  At the end of each story is an application part.  Again, very simply done.  A statement is made about the story and how it can relate to our lives today and a question is usually asked to get the little ones to think about the story and how they can be more like Jesus.  I really liked this book and even thought it could be used in a Bible class setting as a foundation for a quarter’s worth of lessons.  I would highly recommend this book to any parent, grandparent or teacher.

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