Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Blogs for the New Year

If you are like me, I could get lost in the blog world just seeing all the things that are out there! There are days when I need serious help with this addiction! Now that we have internet back in the house, I feel more connected to the blogging world and have really enjoyed seeing what is out there.  I am going to share with you some of my new favorites - only if you promise to share some of yours with me!! I will be looking for those posts.

1.  Amy's Cooking Creations - This blog is BRAND SPANKIN' NEW!!!!  However, I was able to eat many of the recipes that are on this blog when we went to Auburn, and they are AMAZING! My sis-in-law's place is in the kitchen! She is remarkable and I am so glad she has chosen to share her special talents with all of us! Go check her out and follow her!

2. Go Into All the World - I am a little partial and A LOT proud of this blog! One of "our" girls, Kimberly and her husband, Gary, are in Malaysia.  Kimberly had the chance to go there with her work and her amazing husband followed along with her doing mission work while they are there!  AMAZING people doing AMAZING things! Kimberly has always loved life and she is making her mark on the world - literally! Go check her out and leave a comment or two or three . . . . She loves them and deserves them!

3.  Pretty Sweet - Kristen and I grew up together - more or less.  She has lived in Henderson her whole life and would let me take part in her life when I came to visit.  Then, when I moved here, she allowed me to become a real friend!! I have such fond memories of Kristen's house - Gone with the Wind birthday party (can we do that again this year - I know your birthday is in just  few days), always such good food, Three Muskateer movie marathons, etc.  She is now married and has a LOVELY blog always full of good stuff wether cooking, decorating, crafts, etc.  She is a MUST read every day! I am so glad she started this and is one of my favorites!

4.  Unconventional - I love Katie!  She is a mother to 3 precious boys - all of whom are adopted.  She is a dorm mother, a baseball coach's wife, a soon-to-be law student and a woman who LOVES her God!  I love reading her blog. She tells it like it is and it usually needs to be said! I miss her so much, but glad I can stay connected with her!

Not So New but Oh So Good:

1.  "A" Thought or two or three - Arika is one of my very best friends! She does not write on a regular basis - which makes me sad, but I COMPLETELY understand!  However, when she does write. . . . it just makes your heart smile BIG!  Arika writes from her heart and anyone who knows her - knows what an amazing heart she has!

2.  Smelling Coffee - I can't even tell you how I "met" Jennifer, but the Lord was smiling on me the day I did! I love reading her blog! This woman has a huge heart for the Lord and serving His people!  You will be blessed!

3.  A Little Loveliness - The mother of all blogs! Many of you are already following her, but if you are not - change that right now! She is amazing!  Crafts - Recipes - Devotional Thoughts - you will want to go out and change the world or at least make your corner a little lovelier! She can help you do it, too!

4.  Strawberry Ruckus - Katie is great! She was a lot of years behind me when we got to Henderson and she now lives in Oklahoma, but she has got it ALL on her blog.  Everything from funnies, to book reviews to crafts!  I am so glad she writes because I can always count on a great read from her!

I could have gone on and on and on adding blogs I love and why I love them.  I may try to do this more than once a year, so you can be blessed as much as I am!  I know I said that over and over, but I know now why this can be addicted - your life can be touched and blessed from the amazing women!

We all love followers and who doesn't love comments?  Encourage these ladies today by following and commenting and then add your list on your blog so we can return the favor!!!  Happy Blogging, Friends!


Kimberly Washer said...

Such a cute idea!! Thank you so much for all of the sweet things you said about me!!! I am going to check out all of these blogs! Hope you guys had a happy new year!

Smelling Coffee said...

Thank you so much for the kind things you said about my blog - and all of the others. I'm on my way to check some of them out right now. :-) I'm so glad we "met" - don't remember how either... and thank God for all He is doing in and through your family~

Much love to you~

Melissa Lester said...

Thank you, Becky, for your kind and encouraging words. I am so glad you are back to blogging. I missed your sweet presence when you were not able to log on regularly. Happy New Year!

Ryan and Katie said...

Thanks for the shout out! I enjoy reading your blog...and seeing glimpses of my old house :)

Arika said...

You. Are. Awesome. I didn't deserve the shout-out! But thank you just the same. :)

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