Friday, January 21, 2011

One Blessed Mama

I  know that I am extremely blessed when it comes to my children and I am so honored that God chose ME to be their Mama!!  They continually amaze me at the things they do and what they say.  I had one of those days on Wednesday with Carter.  His teacher had them write about their dream for America since they were learning about Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  She slipped me this paper and told me that she thought I would want a copy of it.  I am so glad she did.  I am putting it on here, so I will always have it (and know where it is - ha ha ha!!)  It is always said, "Out of the mouths of babes . . . " Well, this is my 7 year olds' dream.

I have a dream.
I wish that . . . .

Everyone will believe.
Everybody will read the Bible.
Everybody will learn.
Everybody will not fight.
Meagan, Sofie and Anna were back in our class.
Nobody is sick.
Everybody will be friends.
My family and friends could live close to me.
Everybody has a safe home.
Everybody has food and drinks.
Nobody is lost.
Everybody has friends and teachers.
Everybody has toys.
Everybody has family.
Everybody has a car.
Everybody can do stuff.
Everybody can see.

I wish everyone could have experiences like this with their children!  Thank you, God, for giving me mine!


Desiray said...

Yes my dear you are blessed children are a blessing from God. And when He gives us children it is our job to honor God be being the best parent we can possible be and giving our children the gift of life as God gave His Son to us.

Arika said...

So precious! It is reminders like this that we are doing some things right and you, my dear, are doing A LOT of things right! :) Your family is so special to mine and I'm so glad we get to share each others' proud moments. Reading this makes me proud. :) Love you all!

Amy said...

What a blessing to hear the words from his heart. Obviously your are instilling God in his heart. I agree with all of his thoughts. Thank you for sharing!

Ashley said...

How special! You do have some awesome kiddos!

Kimberly Washer said...

He is sooo sweet!!! He just cares so much and I know that he gets that from his great parents!!! Keep up the good work!

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