Sunday, January 9, 2011

Changes Since Last Year

We were a divided house.

While most times we could ALL cheer for Alabama, . . . 

or Texas . . .

and be happy about who won.

Last year we were not all going to be happy.

Somebody was going to walk away with a loss.

Somebody was going to not be happy.

Somebody was going to get to be champions for the year.

However, we all walked away with a greater love and appreciation for one
special football player whom we all, no matter what team we were yelling
for, wanted to see succeed. 

This year neither team did well enough to be in THE game this year.
(Although my team did well in my opinion!)

We have been so happy with the work of our guy this year - 
even though we don't always get to see him play.
We missed him wearing the Texas uniform.
Games just were not the same without him.

We know he is doing well and we still appreciate all he has done
and continues to do.

So, even though some things have changed - 
some things remain the same.

We love our teams.
We love college football.
We love our favorites who play the game of football.
We love our favorites who play the game of life.

Until next year . . . .


Carla said...

As Texans, I must comment on the orange awesomeness. Hubby is an Aggie fan and they made it to the Cotton Bowl. We are very pleased, very pleased indeed!!

Laura said...

Roll Tide!!! I'm not sure who I will be pulling for tomorrow night. I've pulled for all the SEC teams in the bowl games, but we don't like Auburn at all. Hubs is pulling for Oregon and chanting, "Roll Ducks Roll!!" Have fun!!

Amy said...

Very kind and sweet post. We miss him too. That was a heartbreaking game last year but happy for your Roll Tide team! :)Thank you too for your wonderful words on my blog comments. Blessings friend!

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