Thursday, January 13, 2011

We Had Snow Much Fun!

Sunday night after church (school had already been called off) the kids and I got settled in our pajamas and awaited the snow that was to come and did it come!!!! Damon was a work in Jackson and would call every now and then to get weather updates. About 8:30 or so it came and came and came! We woke up Monday morning to a winter wonderland!  That morning the kids went out by themselves for a bit.  I was able to capture a few moments!

 Carter had a snowball fight with himself!
 Each year I love taking pictures of her in the snow!
There is something about it!

Later we all went out to build snowmen!  We have not had a good snowman snow in a while so we all enjoyed creating our specialized men . . . .

 Snowman building stopped for a bit to have a snowball fight.
 Damon with the kids
 A rare shot of me with the kids.
 Carter built - surprise, surprise - a baseball snowman!
He used his All-Star jersey.
 I love this shot of him.
It sums his personality perfectly!
LB and her snowman!
Actually taken the next day because she (is too much like her mama)
went inside as soon as she was done!

We are so thankful for these special family moments God gave us on Monday and are so thankful that He gives us great gifts each and every day!


Amy said...

Wonderful fun and wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing!

Katrina said...

I miss the snow! We almost got it last week, but got ice instead. I'm still hoping!

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