Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tonight . . . Tonight . . . Makin' Music 2012

Our Makin' Music Saturday was something crazy.  We literally were all going in different directions.  Thankfully, most of us were in different directions on the same campus!!!!  LB and Madlyn literally spent all day walking around campus trying to get people to come eat at the Lunch Box to help raise money for the new pool.  Drum up business they did!!!! Thanks to all who came out and supported this!

Who could resist these three sweet faces?
 Carter and I were (surprise, surprise) at the ball park to cheer on the FHU Lions.  We had some sweet baby birds whose mother made their nest in the dugout cheering on the Lions as well.  Either that or they were like my baby bird and wanted food!

We ran home quickly . . . cleaned up . . . ate supper . . . and took off to Makin' Music 2012.  We had to stop off and see some of our favorites before they took the stage.

The kids with Brittany 
The kids with Cynthia
 One of my favorite things about Makin Music is seeing former kids come back . . . with kids!!!!  We finally got to meet sweet Gracie and she stole our heats even more!!!

She loved Aunt Becky's necklace!

The kids adored her!
 Finally, it was off to the show!!!  Katy sat close one last time - as next year she will be IN the show - 

Poor Damon had to work . . . However, Hayley got to take his place and we loved having her sitting with us and seeing a Saturday night performance for the first time!

Overall, it was a wonderful weekend.  The show was one of the best shows I have ever seen and we were all excited because the kids' favorite shows were the ones that placed!!!!!  Got to love this time of year!

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