Monday, April 23, 2012

A Senior Day Like NONE Other

Saturday we spent our day at Carnes Field celebrating a great bunch of seniors and what they have meant not only to FHU baseball, but to my family - VERY emotional day!  Not only was it emotional on this account, if the boys swept (and they had to play 2 1/2 games on Saturday) they would win TranSouth Conference Regular Season Title.  They have not done that since 1997.  So, we were in for a day!

We missed the half game that had to be finished from Friday night.
(I know, I have already been "chewed out" by Carter for not being there.)
They won 13-3!!!!!
Onto Game 2 . . . 
Carter and Dean in their usual position taking in the day.

They won game 2 6-1 (we think)!!! YAY!!!

Our wonderful 14 seniors and their families!

Whitney, Me and Hayley - I love my Newby girls!

What a blessing these boys have been to my family!

Onto Game 3 . . . Hunter pitching . . . Becky a nervous wreck!

In between one of the innings, one of our boys came out and told me that Kirkland had something for Carter after the game.  I told him we would stay as long as we could but Carter had a game at 6:00.
So, in between the next inning, the boys came and brought Carter to the dugout.
Kirkland came out carrying a bat . . . .

Look at that face!!!
that was signed by the WHOLE team - JV and Varsity!!

Kirkland and Carter with the bat . . .

Proud owner of the best gift EVER!!!

Then we had to focus on the game and our boy on the mound . . . 

Watching Hunter at Carnes Field for the last time . . . 
WE WON!!!  Whoo Hoo!
What a way to end Senior Day for a fabulous group of boys!
So proud of them!

After celebrating, Carter had to have pictures with some of the boys . . . 

Carter and Jesse -
Carter describes him as "Our Jason Heyward."

Got to love us some Blake Taylor!
Then, we had a photo shoot with Hunter. I was good and did not take too many . . . 

Carter is 44 again this year in honor of this being Hunter's last year . . .
I cried a few tears . . . not too many, but enough.  We are so proud of these boys not only as leaders on the field but in life as they have brought a spiritual focus back to the team.  They have made a BIG impression on our family and others they have touched.
We love you, all!

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