Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday at Lads to Leaders

Easter weekend took us to Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN, for the annual Lads to Leaders Convention we attend with our church family.  We were so thrilled this year to have more of our friends join us along with my mom and dad who usually make the trip to support the Grans.  One of the best things about the weekend is seeing the kids interact with each other and helping each other with whatever needs to be done.  While I went to judge scrapbooks, Mom and Arika took the kids around the hotel to see all the sights.

Another thing I love about L2L convention is seeing all the support that is given.  Here you see the support for the K-2nd graders who did Oral Bible Reading.  Thanks, Tucker, Rhett and LB for showing your support!

This was the kids first year to do puppets and they loved it!! Technically, Carter was not old enough, but someone had to drop out and he was asked to fill in.  They had a great time and their team did a great job!

After puppets, LB changed clothes quickly and took off to do her Oral Bible Reading.  She improved her score from last year, so we were thrilled with her!  She is growing into such a lovely little lady!

A proud Gran with her granddaughter

I love my girl!

Our congregation took 140 plus people to convention and we always try to get a group picture - TRY being the key word!!!!

What a day and we had not even gotten to the awards ceremony that night!

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