Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Feast in the Great Hall

After everyone arrived at the party, we all went to the Great Hall where the Beginning of the Year Feast was held.  Things I had purchased after Halloween helped to set the theme. 
Then, I raided my mom's silver trays to put the food on.  I had planned to do a little more, especially to the table where the kids ate, but time ran short.  Turned out to be a good thing though. 
I think it would have gone right over their heads!!!!

Our menu:

The never empty tray of ham and turkey sandwiches

Hogs Head Cornish Balls

Ollivander's Original Wands
(had planned to dip in chocolate, but time, again, was not on our side!)

Potatoronium Roots with dip

Herbology Bites

Butter Beer
(found a ton of recipes, but the simplest was Cream Soda and Vanilla ice cream -
it was a WINNER!)

Elixir of Life

I had found the templates for all the food at this website which was a huge help in the planning.  I was amazed at how much I was able to find for free!

I laughed and said we should have made the pictures in the background be the
moving pictures at Hogwarts!

The birthday girl enjoying a wand!
For dessert, the kids enjoyed more Butter Beer and Elixir of Life as well as the birthday cake made by my amazing friend (and LB's second mom), Cathy!  LB just loved it!

What a feast!
Now, on to the games!

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