Monday, April 23, 2012

Extra . . . Extra . . . Carter's First Press Release

2012 FHU Baseball
They win the TransSouth Conference

The 2012 FHU baseball team won the TransSouth Conference on April 21, 2012.  This is the first time they have won it since 1997.  They could not have won it without their 14 seniors: Matt Singleton, Blake Taylor, Jesse Hykes, Jonathan Soto, Andy Southard, Evan Mansell, Kirkland Wheeler, Roberto Ferguson, Josh Goodwin, Ben Ihde, Tyler Wilson, Amos Bingham, Charlie Overturf, and Hunter Newby.  Their great coaches, J.D. Flowers, Jonathan Estes, and Jason Gallagher have worked really hard with these players.  FHU baseball has one of the best fans out of any college baseball team.  Every player on the team has worked hard this season.  We will miss all of these seniors, but some of them are sticking around.  Some of the seniors have set franchise records in their seasons at Freed Hardeman.  And good luck in the playoffs.

Not a bad press release from an 8 year old!!!!

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