Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quidditch Tournament

We had asked LB what she wanted to do at the party because, let's be honest, I could have gone CRAZY with this party.  I really had to listen to LB and what she wanted to do.  One thing she really wanted to do was play Quidditch - the sport of the wizard world.  She did not care about having brooms for everyone (although I think that would have been great!), but she wanted to play the game and play we did!!!!

I found where you could hang 3 hula hoops from the basketball hoop and goal.  So on each of the basketball goals we hung 3 hula hoops.  Each team had a keeper (like a goalie) that protected the hoops. The Chasers (there were 3) would take the Quaffle (a big playground ball) and try to score in one of the hula hoops.  The Beaters (there were 2) would try to defend their team's hula hoops by trying to stop the other team's Chasers. Each team also had a Seeker.  The Seeker's job was to try to find the Golden Snitch which we had hidden in the gym somewhere.  Once the Golden Snitch was found, the game was over and that team won.

To begin the game, I threw the Quaffle up in the air and the chasers tried to get the ball and go towards their goal.
As Madame Hooch, I had to throw the Quaffle up and QUICKLY get out the way!
Look at how high Carter got up in the air! He is wearing the Harry Potter glasses.
 As the Chasers went to score, the Beaters for the other team would try to stop them.  Each beater pair had a Nerf ball that they could throw at the Chasers to try to get them to drop the Quaffle.  We did not give them clubs to beat the Chasers!!!!

Lawson found the Golden Snitch for the first Quidditch match.  He was so proud!!!

The teams were tough and fought hard!!!  They actually LOVED playing this game.  I think we played 5-6 different Quidditch matches. I am so glad they enjoyed playing!

I made the Golden Snitches using gold Christmas ornaments.  I used gold wired ribbon to add the "wings" of the Snitch.  I attached the "wings" to the balls with glue dots, but tacky glue would work as well.  Each child got to take their own Golden Snitch home.

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Kimberly Washer said...

I love how little cecily (is that who that is?) is pointing to her muscle in that last group pic!! Priceless!!! Looks like sooo much fun!!!

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