Sunday, April 22, 2012

READY . . . SET . . . HUNT 2012

We love Easter with our college kids. They just make the day so much better. We were so blessed to have some of them that could not go home (and one who came straight from her home) join us for lunch and hunt at Gran and Grandad's.
Claire, Seevers, Carter, Emily, LB and Amber are ready to hunt!

Guys' team . . .

Girls' team - yes, they outnumbered the boys badly.
 The hunt got a bit vicious!  This is the start . . . rule - you had to stay with your kid!
LB did not feel the need to stay with her crew.
 The girls were off and ready to go . . .
They were seen doing this (without their kid)

which led to this . . .

While the boys did this . . .

which led to this . . .

 We decided to make it a tad bit even, so
poor Claire (declared just a basic handicap)
and Amber (who was in a dress which handicapped her) were kicked
off the girls' team.

It's ok, girls. I love you!
 The All-Star Egg Hunt began!
You will notice the guys are a tad bit more aggressive this time.

The final results?

Aggressiveness payed off.
Boys won.

Series tied 1-1.
Until next year . . . .

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