Thursday, April 12, 2012

Book Review: A Wedding to Remember in Charleston, South Carolina

My college friend, Annalisa Daughety, has written another great book. She was so kind to send me a copy for read and then tell you about it!  I have to be honest . . . I have been anxiously waiting for this book because I want to go to Charleston sooooo badly! One day . . . . one day . . . .

This book was wonderful!  It was very different than most because in this book the main characters are already married.  You meet Summer Nelson is a wedding director in Charleston, SC.   She and her husband, Luke, met when they were younger, fell in love and married despite the differences in their backgrounds.  Throughout the book, you see that life has happened to Summer and Luke and they are facing the realities that marriage is a lot of work.  They have faced many obstacles, but have not overcome them - each having to deal with the obstacles in different ways.  Not sure what is in store for them, Summer gets the busy wedding season focusing on one BIG wedding where she is given full control.  Luke does not know what to do after they decide to separate for a time, but he knows it is a mistake.

Annalisa does a great job pulling you into the characters' lives before the book and at the time the book takes place.  She is really developing as an author - each book getting better and better.  Her take on this romance is a wonderful one because we all find ourselves facing the realities of life in our marriages at times.  We all realize that life and marriage is not easy.  Seeing how Summer and Luke handle these obstacles is very real!  Throughout the book you find yourself cheering for them, praying they work it out and wondering just how it will end.

Take a vacation to Charleston as you read about different landmarks in the city and take in the history of this wonderful city.  You'll be so glad you did!

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