Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Stop at Honeydukes

A last stop at the party was a trip EVERYONE was looking forward to - a trip to Hogsmeade to Honeyduke's Candy Shop.  The kids loved spending their Galleons in the shop.  This is what they had to choose from . . .

Star Pops

Sour Snakes

Chocolate Frogs
(I used chocolate almond bark, melted it and poured it into
frog molds that I bought from Amazon)

Levitating Lemon Drops

Bertie's Botts
Every Flavor Beans

Acid Pops
(I bought Blow Pops, dipped them in honey, and poured
Pop Rocks on top.  Then, I wrapped them in small clear bags)

What a SWEET way to end a wonderful party!!!

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