Sunday, March 2, 2008

After 30 years . . .

Amy and Richard at Christmas
Tickle fight with Uncle Richard and Miss Amy

Miss Amy gets Carter

Miss Amy, Uncle Richard, Laura Beth and Carter

I am getting a sister on this side of the family!!!! That is right!!! Richard popped the question to Miss Amy Wheatley last night and she said yes!! Richard is in Auburn, AL, working on his PhD from Auburn in engineering. Lord willing, he will graduate in December of 2008. Amy will graduate from Auburn in May with a degree in nutrition. We have just fallen in love with Amy during the times we have been able to spend with them. We hate the fact that they are 6 hours away, but cherish the times we do get to spend with them. If plans follow through, they will be coming up here in a few weeks to spend a weekend with us and we are even more excited now!! I am so excited to be adding her to our family. I have a great relationship with my sister-in-law, Rebecca, on Damon's side. Amy and I already enjoy spending time together and talking. I pray she knows how special she already is to me and that our relationship will just continue to grow. Please keep them in your prayers as they begin a new phases of their lives - graduating, new jobs, and planning a marriage.

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