Monday, March 17, 2008

We Tried to Get Him!!!

We have never really celebrated St. Patrick's Day at our house, but Mrs. Kim, Laura Beth's Kindergarten teacher, changed all of that this year. Laura Beth came home from school on Thursday talking NON-stop about the sneaky little magic creature, the leprechaun.

According to Laura Beth, this little creature had been reaking havic in her classroom all week long. He had left major messes in their classroom while they were at lunch or at p.e. Chairs were on turned upside down and on top of tables. Papers were everywhere, and little green footprints and gold glitter were found going from the story rug to the window. The class set a trap to try to catch the little imp, but when they went to school on Friday, all they found were more footprints, glitter and shamrocks. The little leprechaun was no where to be found. We were told he left a note telling them they could not catch him. This set Laura Beth on a mission. She had originally set out to take the trap to school on Friday, but then she decided that she would keep it at home just incase the leprechaun made a visit to the house on Sunday night/Monday morning. So, for the first time in my life, we made a leprechaun trap. She wanted to cover a box and make it look like his house, so maybe he would be tempted to come in it. After we covered the box, she decorated it with four leaf clovers and rainbows - things I was told leprechauns liked. Sunday night Laura Beth carefully set the trap out and was trying to find something gold to leave out to lure him in. The only thing she could think of was Goldfish crackers. She was so proud of herself because they are called, "Gold fish. Get it Goldfish. Maybe that will trick him!!!" So we put Goldfish crackers around and in the trap, but when we woke up we found that we did not catch the little leprechaun. He busted right through the trap - you could see the outline of his body going right through the box. The kids were a little disappointed that they did not catch him, but were very excited because he, obviously in a hurry, dropped gold coins along the way. What a way to start our Spring Break!!! Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!!!!!

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Sandy said...

Very fun! Sorry you didn't catch the little guy! Maybe next year :)

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