Saturday, March 29, 2008


I feel like all I have been writing about is Laura Beth lately. Carter is still alive and keeping us in stiches as usual. The picture is from Tuesday when we were able to go to the FHU baseball game. Carter wanted to dress in full garb. He was so excited to be able to wear the REAL Brian McCann jersey Uncle Richard and Miss Amy gave him for is birthday. As he was dressing from head to toe, he looked at me and said, "I look JUST like Brian McCann, Mom." I told him all he needed was the beard to which he replied (with disgust), "I am NOT the real one, Mom." Today, our senior group at church had a senior rally (like a youth rally but for the senior members). All ages come and help them and we always like to go greet and register everyone that morning. Carter heard we were going to church and, of course, wanted to wear his black suit. However, since it was not for worship, he decided not to wear a tie. He went for the casual suit look. Once he had his outfit set, he picked out Grandad's, who was also greeting with us. They both looked so cute or handsome!! If only everyone looked forward to going to church like Carter and always wanted to bring their best like he does!!!
This is a crazy weekend for us between the senior rally (Damon is still there since he is over it), Makin Music retreat weekend, and, of course, Laura Beth's birthday. I hope to have pics from her party up tomorrow, but time will tell. Keep checking back!! Hope you all have a great weekend!!

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marie said...

I think it's just precious how Carter already has so much zeal for the Lord and His work. You've definitely got a keeper there!

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