Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tonight I Choose to be Mommy

Well, as most of you know my family is HUGE Lion and Lady Lion Basketball fans!!! (We do support and love the other teams - you just happened to catch us during basketball season.) We are right in the middle of conference tournament and for the past 2 nights we have let our kids stay up past their bedtimes so they can see their favorites play one more time. Tonight, our guys - the BIG Lions as the kids call them - are playing away and I had the chance to go.

** I would have had the chance to spend 4+ hours with one of my very good friends and her family as we drove to and from the game and there is no telling what kind of Bible school ideas we would have come up with in that car ride as well.
** I would have been able to have some away time which is needed every now and then. Notice I did not say peace and quiet because at a conference basketball tournament game that does not exsist.
** I would have been able to see first hand every play that happened and I would have been able to cheer for our teams where they could hear me.
** I would have been able to stay up WAY past my bedtime and probably been able to sleep in the morning because of that.

However, tonight I get to be Mommy. Damon has a basketball game tonight and, while I am sure Gran and Grandad Willis would have loved to stay with them, I cannot bear to leave them.
So, my night will be very different than what it could have been.

** I will get to explain to my children that tonight is leftover night which does not mean hot dogs and little pizzas for supper.
** I will get to hear them pray to God for the blessings we have before we eat.
** I will get to hear Laura Beth read from her NEW first grader reader - that's right, FIRST GRADE!!!
** I will get to see Carter try to read just like his big sister.
** I will get to play endless games of UNO Attack and whatever else they want to play.
** I will get to hear, "Momma, come change me," after Damon gives them their showers.
** I will get to read during Bible time tonight.
** I will get to hear them say their memory verses we have been working on.
** I will get to read their bedtime stories to them.
** I will get to hear them say their bedtime prayers.
** I will get to hear, "Momma, will you come check on me?"
** I will probably wind up with one of them in bed with me before the night is over.
** I will wake up at 5:15 tomorrow morning to start my day.
** I will be thankful that my children have such great heroes and role models at FHU, but
** I will be thankful that we can have a night of fun and fellowship with just our family.

I know I am going to LOVE the choice I made.

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Arika said...

They will love you for putting them first! We get bogged down with the every day little issues that come up but in the grand scheme of things, those things are really what makes our world go 'round! : ) You are a great mommy!

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