Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Project #1 - DONE!!!

When Sunday rolled around, I began to panic. I had a lot of little projects that I wanted to have completed and none of them were getting done. These projects are ones that some people would deem "unnecessary," but to me these projects are things that I and, hopefully, my children will be able to look back upon and smile. It is my desire that my children know how special they are to me and I want to do everything in my power to make their childhood full of very special memories. Sometimes, I have to resign to the fact that I am human and the greatest gift I can give my children at that time is my time. However, when it is humanly possible, I like to go 'all out" as some may call it.
Laura Beth received a My Twinn for Christmas from my mom and dad. This doll is designed to look just like her from head to toe. Many people think it is an American Girl doll, but this is a different company. Along with the doll, Mom and Dad gave her one matching outfit for her and her doll. Damon's mom and dad gave her 3 outfits, so the two can really be twins. Being the crazy person I am, I had the brilliant idea that I would smock them matching dresses for the spring - notice I did not say Easter because I remember that I am human and that probably would not happen!! I love to smock. My dear friend, Stephanie, taught me how 3 years ago, and since then I have smocked 3 dresses. I really have enjoyed the work I have done and, again, I love to smock. I do not like to cut out or sew!! I just like to do the fun stuff. Thankfully, I have been blessed to have one of the dorm moms at FHU to cut out, sew and pleat the dresses for me so all I have to do is the fun part. When I am done, I hand them back to her and she finishes them for me. It is wonderful!!
I bought the fabric a month ago and got the material to Mama Murray in a timely manner. She was faster than I was and I had it back before I knew it was gone. Miley's (Laura Beth's My Twinn) dress was done that week. However, I was baffled at how big Laura Beth's dress was and became intimidated. I put it off and off and finally decided I needed it done by Wednesday. With Laura Beth being sick, I was able to spend time with my girl while I smocked her dress. We watched all sorts of girl movies and Little House on the Prairie and I just smocked away. Every now and then, Laura Beth would snuggle next to me and ask questions about the dress I was making. She even asked if one day I would teach her to smock, to which I replied, "Of course." I have made the call to Mama Murray and the dresses are going to be dropped off tonight. They probably won't be ready by Easter, but that is okay by me. They are done and Laura Beth is pleased as punch that I took the time to make something for her and her special doll.
Now, project #2 - birthday party invitations!!!!

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Melissa Lester said...

Congratulations on finishing such an ambitious project! Can't wait to see photos of both dolls in their spring dresses!

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