Monday, March 24, 2008


Carter on Easter morning
Not feeling very well
Laura Beth and Miley with the dresses I smocked and Gran Willis finished.

Laura Beth

With Easter coming earlier this year, our fears of cold weather coming on Easter were proven true. After having beautiful weather for most of the week, a cold front moved in on Saturday and we put on our winter coats over our Easter clothes. On a good note, thanks to Gran Willis, Laura Beth's dress that I had smocked was finished in time for Easter morning. Isn't it great to have family members with such talents!!! It takes a village!!! Because of the cold weather, we did Easter pictures inside. The kids were good sports, to an extent, and let me take pictures of them all dressed up. Laura Beth was pleased as punch to take Miley to church to "show her off" in their matching dresses. Then, of course, she was more than willing to take pictures. Carter, bless his heart, did not want his picture taken (as you can tell). He has really been suffering with his allergies for the past week and he was having a terrible time with them Easter morning. My son, who usually is picking out his church clothes (always a suit) on Thursday and is always ready to go to the Lord's house every day, did not want to wear his new navy blaser and tie and did not want to go to church. We knew he did not feel well!!! After a wonderful church service, we headed home to house filled with family, honorary family and college kids who were away from home. We bundled up and had 2 egg hunts outside after which we declared it was time to come inside!!! What a blessed day we had!!


Melissa Lester said...

What a delight that the dresses were ready in time for Easter. She looks lovely, and Carter looks sweet too even though he didn't feel well.

Cathy Welch said...

The dresses are almost as beautiful as Laura Beth! You did great to get them done. Hope Carter is feeling better now. Can't wait to see them in their Easter duds!

Betsy said...

Hey! Just getting "caught up", the kids look too sweet. I was wanting to make your crock pot soup when my friends and I do our mass cooking and freezing- what kind of creamed soup and how many servings does it make?

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