Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It is March and I love it!!! I love this time of year even more than I love bowl season in December/January!!! I love March Madness!!! I love watching every game (at the moment I am watching Mt. St. Mary's and Coppin St.) and I LIVE for filling out my brackets - that is right, I fill out more than one usually. I have vowed this year to only fill out one "sheet of integrity" as Golic from Mike and Mike in the Morning says. Just a warning, if a team ever beat Duke, I never cheer for them again, and I pretty much don't like anything from Florida or California. I also think it is rigged this year for UCLA to win!!! Here are my picks - Carmen, I thought of you and Phillip, as I decided to write this!!! So, here we go!!!

East Region - First Round

(1) UNC over whoever they play.
(9) Arkansas over (9) Indiana (I can't believe I did this because I don't like Arkansas - they beat Duke in the finals 1994)
(5) Notre Dame over (12) George Mason
(13) Winthrop over (4) Washington State
(11) St. Joseph's over (6) Oklahoma (husband can't stand Oklahoma, so this one is for him)
(3) Louisville over (14) Boise State
(7) Butler over (10) S. Alabama
(2) Tennessee over (15) American (again, can't believe I did this -ROLL TIDE ROLL!!, but Bruce Pearl is great!!!)

Second Round

(1) UNC over (9) Arkansas (both teams are not my favorites, but I have to be realistic)
(5) Notre Damon over (13) Winthrop
(3) Louisville over (11) St. Joe's
(2) Tennessee over (7) Butler


(1) UNC over (5) Notre Dame (I really want UNC to loose, but . . . . . I would love to throw my bracket away because they have!!!)
(3) Louisville over (2) Tennessee (UT relies on the 3's like my boys, and I don't think it will get them far)

(1) UNC over (3) Louisville

Midwest - First Round

(1) Kansas over (16) Portland
(8)UNLV over (9) Kent State
(12) Villanova over (5) Clemson (They took my boys down in the ACC so they won't make it far)
(4) Vandy over (13) Sienna
(11) Kansas St. over (6) USC
(3) Wisconsin over (14) CS Fullerton
(7) Gonzaga over (10) Davidson (still love Gonzaga)
(2) Georgetown over (15) UMBC (what is a Hoya anyways? We even lived near them!)

Second Round

(1) Kansas over (8) UNLV
(4) Vandy over (12) Villanova
(3) Wisconsin over (11) KSU
(2) Georgetown over (7) Gonzaga


(4) Vandy over (1) Kansas
(2) Georgetown over (3) Wisconsin

(2) Georgetown over (4) Vandy

South - First Round

(1) Memphis over (16) UT- Arlington
(8) Mississippi St. over (9) Oregon
(12) Temple over (5) Michigan State (I think I would cheer for North Carolina over MSU)
(4) Pittsburgh over (13) Oral Roberts
(6) Marquette over (11) Kentucky
(3) Stanford over (14) Cornell
(10) St. Mary's over (7) Miami (don't even get me started on this one!!!!)
(2) Texas over (15) Austin Peay (I am a Texas fan by marriage)

Second Round

(1) Memphis over (8) MSU
(4) Pittsburg over (12) Temple
(3) Stanford over (6) Marquette
(2) Texas over (10) St. Mary's


(4) Pittsburg over (1) Memphis (UM has got to hit their free throws)
(2) Texas over (3) Stanford

(4) Pittsburg over (2) Texas (Pitt was a top 10 team before injuries and I believe they are back. Plus, I told Damon I did not think Texas would make it to the final 4 before I saw the brackets. While I think they might and would not mind if they did, I had to back up my talking!!)

West - First Round

(1) UCLA over (16) MV St.
(9) Texas A&M over (8) BYU (Can't believe I called this one since we do not like the Aggies at all in our house - they are about as bad as UNC!!!)
(12) W. Kentucky over (5) Drake (Who is Drake?)
(4) UConn over (13) San Diego
(11) Baylor over (6) Purdue
(14) Georgia over (3) Xavier
(7) West Virginia over (10) Arizona
(2) DUKE over (15) Belmont (I remember when FHU played Belmont when I was in college. This is crazy seeing them in the NCAA tourney!!!)

Second Round

(1) UCLA over (9) Texas A&M
(4) UConn over (12) WKU
(11) Baylor over (14) Georgia
(2) DUKE over (7) West Virgina


(1) UCLA over (4) UConn
(2) DUKE over (11) Baylor

(1) UCLA over (2) DUKE (This is where I cry because I have my boys losing, but I don't know if we can go all the way this year. Please feel free to prove me wrong, boys!!!)

Final Four

(1) UNC over (2)Georgetown
(1) UCLA over (4) Pittsburg


(1) UCLA over (1)UNC (This year really killed me because I really can't stand either team, but I do think they may be the best around this year. Again, I would love to be proven wrong when it comes to one of these teams!!)

Well, I am ready for Thursday. The kids' DUKE shirts are clean and ready to go. We are ready for basketball, basketball and more basketball!!!!! YAY for March!!!

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