Saturday, March 22, 2008

We Have Lost One of Our Own

Spring Break is suppose to be a time of renewing oneself and getting away from the hustle and bustle of student life. Many of our students at FHU choose to take this time to go on mission trips. I know there were groups going to New Orleans, inner city Mobile, Haiti, Puerto Rico and one group went to see my friends, Cory and Laura Beth Lamb, in the Dominican Republic. On Wednesday, as the group was spending the last day down there at the beach with the children's home, one of FHU's freshmen was washed away. Some of the guys tried to get to him and we understand that our friend, Cory, and one of Damon's co-workers, Joe, may have had a hold of him before another wave got him again. The young man's name was Shane Ruiz. I did not know him, but I am close to his girlfriend, Mary. Even though I did not know Shane, I know people who do know him and I know the kind of people Cory and Laura Beth are and know that everyone is just broken right now. FHU is a wonderful little community where everyone knows everyone. Please keep the Ruiz family, the Phillips family (Mary), Sigma Rho, FHU and those in the Dominican in your prayers during this time. You can check on updates on Laura Beth's blog in my list or at FHU's website. I will post the family's address in the comments if anyone would like to shower them cards.
May God grant everyone involved a peace that surpasses all understanding and comfort that only He can give. To Him be the glory!!


Becky Welch said...

Joseph and Bonnie Ruiz
8540 Setter Lane
Olive Branch, MS 38654-7007

Melissa Lester said...

We heard about this at L2L this weekend and were so heartbroken for his family. I hope they find some comfort in knowing their son was serving God when he went to meet Him.

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