Thursday, April 17, 2008

Scrap A Clock

Each year I try to find something creative to do for our Makin Music directors that goes along with the theme of their show they have created. I have done American gift baskets, money bags filled with "loot," and books with pictures from the show. This year I was at a lost for the longest time since our show was about little Swiss children who live in a clock. I just could not wrap my brain around what to do. Then one day it hit me . . . I would scrap them a clock. This idea is not my own. I remember my friend, Arika, telling me about it and thought I would take it and run!!
I bought clocks whose face I could get to. These have a "lid" over them that came off and on. I chose pictures from the show that highlighted each director and different aspects of the show they created. I ordered WAY too many pictures, but was able to give them copies of the ones I did not use. I attached the pictures to the face of the clock with scrapbook tape and them just put the "lid" back on top. They were a huge hit with directors. Another variation would be like my friend Arika's idea. She took pictures of her little boy (back when she just had one!!) and covered just the numbers with his face. Then she attached a saying that said, "Every hour of every day I love you more than words can say." or something to that fact. This is a very easy and can be a very inexpensive gift for a loved one.


Arika said...

Yay!!! These turned out SO good!! I can't take sole credit for the idea, however. Kimberlie Helton was the one I got the idea from originally. You know I'm not the creative brain of the bunch! Ha. :)

Sandy Thompson said...

I like the clocks a lot! Good job!!

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