Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Spring Pet

I think Laura Beth may have a bit of my mother in her!!! She is all over bugs and science stuff. I am the person who took freshmen biology as a junior in college because I finally had to take it. Yesterday, as the kids were playing outside, Laura Beth told me she needed to get a jar with a lid so she could catch a butterfly. Mrs. Kim (Laura Beth's kindergarten teacher) has been teaching them about life cylces of different animals and the butterfly is one they have been learning about. It was not long before she had claimed her new spring pet!! She was so excited. You can barely see the little thing - it is the white blob towards the top of the jar farthest away from her face. Of course, a name had to be given - a gift my children do not have. I dread what they will name their future children!! Not only was the poor butterfly captured, it was named "Goldfish." However, it was later changed (with Carter's influence, I am only so sure) to Brian McCann Smoltz Chipper Jeff Franceour. (We can't leave anyone out!!). Our story ends sadly as poor BMSCJF flew out of the jar as Laura Beth was trying to put grass in the jar. New adventures and new pets await us and the jar. It stands ready (with grass already in it) for today's outside adventure. Who knows what we may find today!!!

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