Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Carter's Last Day of Preschool

My sweet Carter
My dear Lawson
My lovely Cecily
Today was Carter's last official day of preschool. He will go Friday for a fun day at Chickasaw, but today was the end. Not only was it his last day of his first year of preschool, but it was the last day any of my children will be taught at preschool by Mrs. Joyce Bloomingburg. Freed-Hardeman made the decision to close the school at the end of this year. Therefore, Carter will finish his preschool years somewhere else - where we still do not know. The school did a lovely job praising Mrs. Joyce for her 28 years of service. All the parents, grandparents and anyone were invited to a reception at the school today. The kids thought it was Mrs. Joyce's birthday because it was their special day and they got to eat cupcakes!!! On the way home, Carter became most upset as I explained to him that this was his last day and Mrs. Joyce would not be his teacher next year. He cried all the way home and declared that whoever made this decision must not like his school. I tried to explain to him he would be able to see Mrs. Joyce at church and at ballgames, but he wanted none of that - just for her to be his teacher. Mrs. Joyce will always hold a special place in our family's hearts. She is a wonderful Christian lady and the preschoolers in our community will miss sitting at the feet of such a fine lady. Thank you, Mrs. Joyce, for helping mold my children into what they are today.

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