Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Planes, Trains and Preschoolers

Carter getting off the jet.

Lawson gives his approval on this field trip.

Lawson, Nelson, Carter and Pearce are ready for their snack in the dining train car.
Carter and Lawson stand next to the airport's fire truck's wheel to show you how big it is.

Lawson, Cade and Carter stand next to the jet!!

Thanks to my amazing employers, I was able to enjoy a morning of planes, trains and preschoolers as Mrs. Joyce's nursery school (where Carter attends 2 mornings a week) went to the airport and train depot as part of their transportation unit. Lawson and Carter were especially thrilled with this because Carter has always had a love for trains and Lawson can tell you anything about a plane you want to know. I really thought we would have a rainy morning but just a few clouds were in the sky as we set off and when we got back the sun was out!!! The kids were so well behaved. I am always amazed at Mrs. Joyce and the way she interacts with the kids. She is a lovely lady and a wonderful Christian teacher. We have been very blessed that both children were able to begin their schooling with her. I do believe the highlight of the day was getting to see and go inside the jet!!! The boys were just beside themselves!!

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Arika said...

Thank you so much for taking them! I know they loved every minute and I appreciate you so much for all you do. I have enjoyed every picture! Thanks again!

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