Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Day with Mr. Justin

Mr. Justin gives Carter pointers on his pitching. Mr. Justin played right field for the Lions, but Carter listens to anything Mr. Justin has to say about baseball!!!!
Carter is trying to tag Mr. Justin out between third base and home plate. He did apply the tag right after the picture was taken.
Laura Beth will tell you that Mr. Justin is her boyfriend. She simply adores him. She can find him in a crowd of 100s and takes off right to him.
This is the "Mr. Justin" face that my kids make all the time now. Thank you, Mr. Justin!!!

It is Mid-April and it brings a lot of good things into our lives, but, dealing with college kids, it also brings some sad days ahead of us. It is a sign that our time with special friends is coming to a close. Today was a beautiful day and one that will be remembered because Mr. Justin came to play. We adopted Mr. Justin 3 years (was it that long ago?) ago and have just fallen in love with him. He played right field for the FHU Lion Baseball team and is a reason Carter loves baseball as much as he does. Mr. Justin will always be #23 to my kids and will always be a favorite. He called to see if he could come over and play today and, of course, the answer was, "YES!!" Carter immediately went and put on baseball gear including the Soriano Cubs jersey Mr. Justin got him for Christmas. The kids played and played and played with him. We have not even begun to explain to them that he will be going into the real world soon and that their time with him is coming to an end. We thank Justin for always taking time to make our kids feel special whether by giving them a home run ball or just throwing them up in the air. We thank Justin for showing them that people are not perfect, but we try to live a life to glorify God. We thank Justin for a being a major part of our lives these past 3 years and we pray that whatever comes his way will be a blessing to him.

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