Friday, April 25, 2008

A Night with Their Heroes

Laura Beth and Nicole Osment
Carter and Laura Beth with Tara Deathridge
Laura Beth and Carter with All-American and every other honoree, Jana Cross.
Showing love one more time for #11 - Megan Thompson!!

Carter and Laura Beth (along with Damon and myself) were invited to the Lady Lion Basketball team's end of the year banquet last night. We did not even tell the kids we were going until Monday or Tuesday because we knew they would be so excited and they were. We were able to eat with Nicole Osment and her family as well as the other team members, family members and special guests. Laura Beth loves all these ladies and is never shy around them. She is always ready for a picture. Carter on the other hand would need some convincing!!! I told him before we left that these girls would want a picture with him tonight since it was their special night. I explained that him taking pictures with them would make them very happy. He looked at me and said, "You know I am just playing with them when I don't take pictures with them." I could not believe he even knew what "playing with them" meant let alone saying it. He went on to tell me that they liked it when he played with them!!! I quickly told him they would not like it if he played with them tonight. An incentive (much better than a bribe!!) was set in place and once he got to the banquet he was very gracious to have pictures with "his" girls. These girls will always hold a special place in my heart because of relationships we have formed with them and for the way they have treated my children. They always take the time to speak to them and make them feel special. We all enjoyed our special night with the Lady Lions!!

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