Friday, April 18, 2008

Above and Beyond

Each morning my children have a routine. This routine includes eating breakfast, getting dressed, brushing hair and teeth, making beds and either cleaning the sink or taking out the trash. They have done a very good job with these routines and I rarely hear a complaint. They are even very good to help each other if one sibling is running behind that morning. This morning Carter's job was to clean the sink. He was not very excited about doing it this morning, but he finally went back to do it. I noticed that he was taking forever to get it done, so I went back to check on him. I found him not only cleaning the sink, but cleaning the vanity, the top of the toilet. He had also completely rearranged the items in the bathroom to one corner. I praised and praised him for going the extra mile in helping Mommy. I asked him, though, how we would reach things if everything was in one corner. He looked at me and said, "You can just reach like this." I pray that I am teaching my children that as a family we look for ways to go above and beyond in helping those in our family as well as those outside. What a challenge it is for all of us to go above and beyond.

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