Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Love It!!!

It is rare that I treat myself to an eatable treat. If I think I deserve a treat I go to Hobby Lobby, Target or somewhere like that. However, there are just some days when I need a pick me up and have to look to small town Henderson, TN, to provide. On these days, Sonic is my usual pick. Friday found me at Jack's getting the kids something to eat (I was going to be good and eat leftovers instead). Before I knew it, I was ordering me a Cookies N Cream milkshake along with their chicken. It was so good. I enjoyed savoring each sip and was planning on it lasting as long as I could. After putting clothes up, I came into the living room (where my milkshake had been staying) and could not find it anywhere. As I made my way around the room, I noticed the cup was empty and in the trash can. I knew who had struck - Carter. So, I called him in and asked if he had dumped my milkshake into the trash can (He had been in a very helpful mood that day). His face lit up and told me that he did not dump my milkshake, but instead he finished it for me!!! He told me, with much pride, "I had never had that before, so I thought I would try it. It was so good and I love it!!" He may look like his daddy or his uncle (depending on who you ask), but he does have some of his mommy in him!!!

1 comment:

Sandy Thompson said...

That's funny...unless of course you REALLY wanted to finish it off.

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