Saturday, December 20, 2008

Carter the Creative Part II - How to be a Mascot

** Another disclaimer: I was having camera troubles over the past few days, so you are now in for 3 new posts in a short amount of time. Keep scrolling down and enjoy our lives the past few days.

As any follower of this blog knows, Carter is a major sports freak (that is really the only word that is appropriate). His first love is baseball but he has really enjoyed football season this year - college and professional. He has really enjoyed looking for the mascots during the college games. One day, Carter was quiet and nowhere to be found (as from the earlier post with the same title - not a good sign). A few moments later he came out sporting these different head gears and cheering loudly for the team of the moment. It is times like these that he reminds me of my youngest brother, Chuck. Now Chuck is adopted, but I see him in both my children. Here is Chuck in Carter.
Carter as Bevo - the University of Texas Longhorn mascot
Carter as Big Al - the University of Alabama Crimson Tide mascot
and, of course, we had to get baseball in there . . .

Carter as Homer - the Atlanta Braves mascot

We really just never know what this little mind is thinking - which is probably a good thing. However, I am glad he has an active imagination and the mind to make it become a reality. (Now he wants me, the non sewer, to make him a REAL Big Al outfit - we shall see.)


Kerri said...

Sorry you had camera problems -- our camera problem is that the puppies CHEWED our's to piece. Sigh! Hubbie says he'll get me a new camera asap so I can take snow pictures.

I remember when Ian was a major Dallas Cowboy fan -- 3rd grade and totally wanted everything DEION SANDERS! He and his friend Taylor had Cowboy jerseys -- they wore them ALLLLLLLLL the time. Ian's school name became Ion Sanders. Great memories~

Julie said...

it sounds like you all have had a great few days. I am also sorry about the camera problems... hate that!

Love the Christmas centers you did with the kiddos...sounds super cool!

mommaof4wife2r said...

that is awesome! i love it...i love the old school computer paper reuse too. sooo much fun! and very creative!

The Arthur Clan said...

Oh my goodness ~ that's so cute! And he is one creative little guy for sure.

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