Monday, December 1, 2008


My friend, Carmen, tagged me a few days ago (and I just now found it!! Sorry, Carmen!!) to go to my fourth picture folder and find the fourth picture in it. This is what I found!!! Now I am suppose to write four things about it:

1. This was taken in September at PKA's reception for the freshmen.
2. I am with 3 of the senior girls whom I have grown very close to.
3. Nikki, the 2nd one on the left (and the shortest), will graduate in less than two weeks and leave us! :(
4. All 3 of these girls are part of the group that goes to Dumplings once a month for some serious girl time.

Now, I am suppose to tag 4 (?) people to continue the trend. Arika, Sandy, Sasha and Stephanie, go to your fourth picture folder, find the fourth picture, post it and write four things about it and then tag four more people!

1 comment:

Carmen said...

I knew you would do it.

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