Saturday, December 6, 2008

A New Christmas Tradition

We have always exchanged Christmas presents with the Youngs. We have been so blessed over the past 6 years to have had our friendship with them grow and develop into what it is today. We decided this year not to exchange gifts, but to help a child who really needed it. So, we loaded up our van with everyone except Brandon and Rhett (Oh what they missed!!) and took off to go shopping for toys and clothes. We had told the kids that this little one did not have family and friends like we did around this time and did not have as many toys. Therefore, we were going to be his friends and be Santa's Elves. They were on a mission after that!!! All I can say is I wish our pocketbooks were as big as the kids' hearts. Everything they kids saw that was on the little one's wish list they were trying to put into the cart. Each child used their own money to help pay for part of the gifts and were very proud of their "tickets!"
Carter, Laura Beth, Lawson and Jagger (below) with their tickets.
It was a great night - one we will never forget - and one we can't wait to recreate next year as well.

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