Saturday, August 2, 2008

Living Out of Boxes

Give a child a box and you give him/her the world. I belive this is so true. Granddad Willis brought two BIG boxes back from his school the other day for the kids to play in. It has been too hot for them to play outside, so they loved turning these boxes into their own houses. As the day went on, their imaginations went farther as well. At one point in the day, they had brought out every piece of clothing from their rooms and had placed them strategically in their new house. Then they proceeded to get dressed to go to work, play and church. They had so much fun and were being so good. I just let them play. I was dreading the moment when we had to tell them to pick up, but they were great and did it very quickly.

What fun to live out of a box for a day!

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