Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our Own Olympics

Carter jumping over obstacles like the equestrians.
Finishing his run - he declared himself the winner of the gold medal!
Here's to you, Mom!

All of us at our house have enjoyed watching the Olympic games, but none as much as Carter. He will watch whatever is on and enjoys it all. He has had some great lines and moments that I have tried to capture on tape. One of my favorite lines of his came while we were watching weightlifting - that is right, I was watching weightlifting! The announcers were commenting on a man's "clean and jerk," and the moment went something like this:

Announcers: "His clean was so clean, but is jerk . . . ."

Carter (interrupting): "Mom, why did they call him a jerk? That was NOT nice of them!"

We went on to discuss that it was not nice to call people jerks and these men were not calling him a jerk, but describing part of his event.

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