Tuesday, August 5, 2008

School Days Begin!

"School days, school days, dear ol' golden rule days . . . ." My grandmother would sing that song each first day of school to those going to school that day. Well, it is official! Those days are back for us. We took Laura Beth to first grade today. What a blessing to be able to go to the same room and same teacher as last year! All the kids were so calm (unlike last year) and just walked right in ready to work. They had missed each other so much and everyone was glad to be back together. The following pictures were taken this morning. I tried to take them in the same spot as last year's first day pictures so we can see how our LB has grown.
I took a picture of her in front of the door on her first day last year and the last day of school last year to see how she is growing.
With Mrs. Kim
Already hard at work

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Melissa Lester said...

We start back Monday! I can't believe it is time, but I think the children are excited and ready to get back into the groove.

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