Monday, August 18, 2008

Time for Pickin'

Laura Beth FINALLY was able to pick the watermelon she started growing in Kindergarten. This watermelon plant began its life in a dixie cup. As it continued to grow, she begged us to plant it in her garden. We did so thinking nothing would come of this. Boy, were we wrong!!! When we went down to pick this watermelon we noticed four others that were growing and one of those four is close to being ready to pick.
Not knowing a thing about watermelons, we decided it "looked" ready, and took a gamble. When we cut it, it was a beautiful red colors and so sweet! Damon cut the watermelon into little triangles for her to take to school today to share with her friends. She was so tickled that her watermelon was a success!!


TheGarrisons said...

This looks like a Black Diamond Watermelon - those are the best in my opinion! My mom grew up on them and we always search for them at local farm stands when we're down that way! Enjoy one for us! :)

Sandy said...

love it!! She looks so happy! The watermelon looks like it will be really yummy!!

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