Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our All-Star Birthday Boy

Carter had been waiting for this moment - to go out on the Big Lions' Baseball Field - for a long time. He knew exactly what to do having seen the Big Lions' do it so many times. He took his baseball bag with all of his equipment out on the field and immediately took out his batting helmets and put them where they were suppose to go.
Showing off his skills

He wants to be a catcher and this is his catcher's gear for time being. He did get a REAL catcher's chest protector for this birthday so we can retire the Christian armour shield and suspenders as our chest protector.
This is Great Grandfather Whittle or Pop with Carter. Pop was the FHU baseball coach back in the 50's. He has loved seeing Carter fall in love with his favorite sport. I was surprised Pop did not show up in all white - what he use to play ball in!! I think this is a special picture.

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