Sunday, August 24, 2008

Soccer Begins

Saturday began soccer season for Laura Beth and Carter. Laura Beth moved up a division and finds herself in her first nonneon uniform!!! Her field has almost tripled in size and they actually play "offense" and "defense" positions. LB is quick to tell anyone that she prefers to play defense. Here you see her in her Purple Fighting Dragon team uniform taking on the opponent! LB did play striker for part of the game and scored one of her teams 4 goals for the first win of the season! Carter is FINALLY getting to play soccer as well and is pumped because his uniform is Texas Longhorn orange!!! His team had named themselves the Lions, but Carter thought they should change it to the Longhorns! Carter is in the first level of soccer where you don't keep score and don't use a goalie. He is just excited that he is able to play on his own team this year!

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