Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Dugout: Part II

Earlier this month Damon my a DH (darling husband) moved Carter's room around to make him a dugout for his room. We are obsessed with baseball!! Well, being the child with the overactive imagination, he realized the other day he did not have a dugout for the home team. What were we thinking!!! Therefore, during quiet time one day this week, he moved more of his furniture and things around to make the second dugout. It may not look like it in this picture, but there is about 2 feet or so between the wall and the crates where various baseball items can be found.
He declared proudly when I walked in that he now had a dugout for the home team and the visiting team!!
Sadly, we had to take the home team's dugout down this weekend because we could not open the door all the way and there was no room to play baseball (the whole purpose of having the dugout!). I am sure this is not the end of rearranging rooms to suit our imagination!

1 comment:

Nik said...

Just think of it this way - at least he's not selfish! hehe

We are constantly changing around the boys' room as well.

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