Friday, June 14, 2013

Getting Ready for Becky's Wedding

I LOVE a good wedding.
That is really a major understatement.
I am always so honored when someone asks me to help with their wedding.
I am also starting to feel very old because girls I remember as LITTLE girls are now asking me to help
them walk down the aisle.

When Becky Thompson asked me to help her, I knew I had to say yes!!
I knew this would be one of the most creative weddings EVER!
After handing out report cards on the last day of school I went over to Ayers Auditorium
on the campus of FHU to help decorate.  The wedding was going to be in the small auditorium and the reception was going to be at the Hardeman House.  However, due to LARGE amounts of rain, the reception was moved into the lobby of Brown Kopel (where the auditorium is located).
Here are some of the pictures from the wedding decoration day!

Mason Jars with electric candles marked every other row in the auditorium.

Pictures showing the couple grow up as well as some of their engagement pictures marked
the other rows in the auditorium.

Bonnie (whose wedding I did almost 2 years ago) and Rachel (her sweet sister)
were my WACS (Wedding Assistant Coordinators) for the weekend!
They are also modeling the tie-died t-shirts everyone wore for the rehearsal.

On the stage of Ayers, we draped Christmas lights by thumb tacks and then hung sheer curtains (found at
Goodwill) over them to create this look.  Here is my LB and the bride to be working on them.

Sweet niece of the groom wanted to help with the canopy.

This was the MAJOR project of the day.  Since the reception was moved into the lobby, the bride's father, brother
and friend worked on this canopy to hang at the reception. This was the first lift. . . .

This was the lift with the lights, lanterns, etc. . . . 

Close up of one of the strands . . . 

It was a long day and night but we are ready for the wedding day now!!!

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